Boric conveys to Biden concerns about inflation, continental equality

Los Angeles, US, June 9 (EFE).- Chile’s president Gabriel Boric on Thursday conveyed his “concern” about inflation to his American counterpart Joe Biden, and told him the United States must look to Latin American countries as equals.

Chile’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonia Urrejola told reporters that one of the topics discussed between the pair, “which was the central axis of the conversation, is the cost of living, something that the United States and the region suffers, and how we can face it together.”

The conversation, which took place during the IX Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, lasted about half an hour and the leaders agreed to form a working group to address rising prices derived from the sanctions imposed on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

Boric expressed his “concern” to Biden about how the sanctions against Russia affect people, due to the increase in oil and fertilizer prices, Urrejola said.

She added that Boric did not ask for the lifting of sanctions, and recalled that Chile condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Chile’s leader posted on Twitter that he spoke to Biden about “continental strategies to face the rise in the cost of living for our peoples.”

“In addition, we will work for a global tax pact against tax havens. From the South we are committed to sustainable and equitable development. To the extent that the US understands that Latin American countries are its peers and never subordinates, we will be able to work together.

“It is a necessary condition for a new continental deal that promotes democracy, human rights and the fight against climate change in the world,” he wrote.

Urrejola reiterated that Boric conveyed to Biden the “need for the United States to look at Latin America as equals.”

The pair also spoke about Venezuelan immigration, although the minister did not offer more details.

According to Urrejola, Biden “recognized” the importance that Boric has given to human rights and did not mention Washington’s decision to exclude Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from the summit. EFE


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