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Boy trapped in Afghanistan well dies after rescue

Kabul, Feb 18 (EFE).- A six-year-old boy who fell into a well in the southern Afghan province of Zabul three days ago died after being pulled out alive on Friday by rescue teams after a non-stop operation.

Haider died “despite all efforts” by the authorities, rescue workers and other citizens, Taliban’s deputy spokesperson Ahmadullah Wasiq said on Twitter.

“When the rescue team brought him out, he was alive and the medical team gave him oxygen. Unfortunately, he died when we were taking him to the helicopter,” Zabul police spokesperson Zabiullah Jawhar told EFE.

Taliban leader Anas Haqqani, who visited the site of the incident on Thursday night to oversee rescue efforts, lamented the “great tragedy” and expressed condolences to Haider’s family.

Taliban government spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid also expressed his condolences and thanked the rescue team for their efforts.

The authorities, construction companies and citizens took part in the rescue operations, which were hampered by inadequate resources.

Haider’s rescue gained public attention on Thursday with political figures in attendance and public prayers for his well being.

The tragedy occurs in the middle of a deep economic crisis in Afghanistan, where provincial governments have fewer and fewer resources to deal with emergencies or basic needs.

Despite a growing number of cases of children falling into wells in Afghanistan, neither the authorities nor the families have taken serious measures to prevent it as children are allowed to roam freely through the villages from the age of two.

Most of the wells are built in rural areas to cope with droughts or to grow poppy in areas where water does not reach and are generally uncovered, increasing the chances of animals or people falling in. EFE


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