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Brazil launches program to boost sustainable Amazon product exports

São Paulo, Nov 25 (EFE).- Encouraging the export of sustainably produced, high-added-value products from the Amazon is a priority for Brazil, which at the weekend launched a program to connect local companies with foreign buyers.

The Exporta Mais Amazônia, designed by the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (ApexBrasil), aims to identify, prioritize, and rectify export barriers in the economic sectors of the region.The new program will include activities such as organizing thematic stands at international fairs, business rounds, and executive tables, which will contribute to the decentralization of the country’s exports with an emphasis on the Amazon region, responsible for just 8.5% of all foreign sales.

“This program seeks to bring Amazonian entrepreneurs closer to international markets, organizing the productive sector around common challenges and bringing buyers from around the world to recognize the potential of forest products, which have high added value,” said Jorge Viana, President of ApexBrasil, in a statement.

During the launch event, which takes place from Saturday to November 29 in the city of Rio Branco, in the Amazonian state of Acre, there will be discussion panels, business rounds with international buyers from 16 countries, and the presentation of executive export tables.

Additionally, importers will participate in technical visits to local production centers of açaí, Brazil nuts, chocolate, and fish in the surroundings of Rio Branco.

The Potential and Challenges of the AmazonAccording to the Brazilian agency, Amazon-compatible products, such as cocoa, black pepper, açaí, or Brazil nuts, represent a global market of about $200 billion. However, despite housing 30% of the world’s tropical forests, the northern region of Brazil contributes less than 0.2% of the world’s exports of these products. This is largely due to barriers related to business training, trade promotion, regulations, and technology, among other issues.

Therefore, the executive tables, which will be established as permanent forums with monthly meetings between companies and cooperatives, representatives of ApexBrasil, and partners, will play a fundamental role in “developing short and medium-term solutions to problems that precede exportation.”

In addition to an executive table dedicated to Brazil nuts, launched this Saturday, others will be set up for açaí, cocoa, and Amazonian fish.Partners in these initiatives include the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the Brazilian Forest Service, the Amazon 2030 project, the Amazon Nut Observatory, the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), the Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Enterprises (Sebrae), and universities.

Exporta Mais BrasilIn August this year, ApexBrasil had already launched Exporta Mais Brasil, aimed at expanding Brazilian exports in different sectors of the economy across all regions of the country, prioritizing micro and small enterprises, and women entrepreneurs.

Another priority of the program is the participation of companies from the North and Northeast. In 2022, of the approximately $334 billion that Brazil exported, only $28 billion corresponded to the North, while the Northeast was responsible for just $27 billion.

“These are regions that have immense export potential but have been underutilized due to a lack of focus and dedication. Therefore, ApexBrasil has undertaken the mission of repositioning them as part of Brazil’s solution,” the agency highlighted in a statement.

To date, nine business rounds have been held under the program, involving 338 Brazilian companies and 97 buyers from 39 countries, surpassing the mark of $35 million in the generation of immediate or future business, according to ApexBrasil, with whom EFE maintains a content distribution agreement. EFE


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