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Brazil police arrest more than 4,000 in gender-based violence operation

Brasilia, Mar 21 (EFE).- In three weeks, more than 4,000 people have been arrested under Brazil’s Operation Átria, which combats violence against women, the government reported on Tuesday.

Since it was launched on Mar. 8, International Women’s Day, 4,255 people have been arrested in the 27 states, 3,598 of them caught in the act, according to the partial balance of the Ministry of Justice.

The authorities launched 20,024 police investigations during the period, of which 17,958 were concluded.

Police seized 340 bladed weapons, 269 firearms and 6,068 pieces of ammunition.

During the period, 7,276 complaints were received, 23,963 police actions were accounted for and 23,963 victims were assisted, with the issuance of 20,540 protection measures.

National Secretary for Public Security Francisco Tadeu Barbosa de Alencar considered gender-based violence a serious situation in the country and recalled that in 2022 the number of femicides increased by 5 percent.

Brazil registered a record 1,410 femicides last year, up from 1,337 in 2021 and the highest since records began in 2017.

“Every day, four women are killed and every hour, twenty six are assaulted. These indicators oblige us to have a centrality in the axis of combating violence against women,” he said.

“The Brazilian State is still a long way from an ideal confrontation situation.”

The specialized commissioner Cláudia Dematté, from the state of Espirito Santo, said that violence against women “always existed in our society, the result of a structured and structuring machismo,” with femicides the “tip of the iceberg,” but most cases beginning with verbal violence. EFE


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