Brazil police opens investigation into Bolsonaro

Brasilia, Jul 12 (EFE).- The Federal Police of Brazil opened Monday an inquiry on president Jair Bolsonaro to investigate his alleged misconduct in negotiations to procure Covid-19 vaccines in Brazil.

The proceedings are based on Congressman Luis Miranda’s revelations that Bolsonaro knew about the corruption behind negotiations to acquire 20 million doses of the Indian-made Covaxin inoculation but chose to ignore them.

According to Miranda and his brother Luis Ricardo, a senior health ministry official, Bolsonaro was aware that the doses were overpriced and that the acquisition was orchestrated by a company facing corruption accusations.

The investigation – which should be concluded within 90 days – will determine whether Bolsonaro’s government is responsible for the worsening of the pandemic in Brazil, which has killed over 533,000 people, the world’s second highest figure after the United States.

If the inquiry succeeds in finding evidence against Bolsonaro, the complaint will be escalated to the Supreme Court.

In the case of a trial, Bolsonaro would be suspended from public office for the duration of the trial – 180 days – and impeached if found guilty. EFE


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