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Brazil’s Supreme Court says intelligence agency was used to benefit Bolsonaro’s sons

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Jan 25 (EFE) – An alleged mafia embedded in Brazil’s intelligence agency, which spied on politicians and authorities, tried to benefit former President Jair Bolsonaro’s sons, the Supreme Court said Thursday.

The judge in charge of the case, Alexandre de Moraes, said on Thursday he had authorized the Federal Police to raid the homes of twelve defendants.

According to De Moraes, the Federal Police’s investigation established “the existence of a criminal organization that operated in Abin (Brazilian Intelligence Agency) to illegally spy on people and authorities by tapping computers and mobile phones without judicial authorization.”

He said that the evidence collected showed that the agents illegally spied on Bolsonaro’s opponents and tried to benefit the sons of the far-right leader.

The Supreme Court published a press release explaining the reasons for 21 raids on the homes and offices of members of Abin suspected of illegally spying on thousands.

Among those investigated, the deputy Alexandre Ramagem stands out, a key ally of Bolsonaro, who was head of Abin during the far-right government (2019-2022).

De Moraes added that the investigation found that this organization was made up of Federal Police agents at the service of Abin under Ramagem’s command.

According to the Federal Police, there was an illegal operation of a “parallel structure” in the agency to favor Jair Renan Bolsonaro and Senator Flávio Bolsonaro.

In the case of Jair Renan, Bolsonaro’s youngest son, “counterintelligence services” were allegedly used to interfere in an investigation and “provide evidence” in his favor.

Regarding Flávio Bolsonaro, the former president’s eldest son, Abin allegedly prepared reports to support the congressman’s defense in a case known as “Rachadinhas.”

In statements to Globonews television, Flávio Bolsonaro denied having received any favors from Abin and attributed the accusations to an attempt to create “false narratives” to tarnish the Bolsonaro surname.

During the investigation evidence emerged that Abin was being used to try to link deputies and members of the Supreme Court to a dangerous criminal organization.

Judge De Moraes said that he had decided that the agents under investigation should be temporarily removed from their positions.

However, he did not authorize the temporary suspension of Ramagem’s mandate as deputy, despite the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. EFE


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