Brazil’s top court suspends Bolsonaro decrees that expand access to weapons

Sao Paulo, Brazil, Apr 12 (EFE).- A judge of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court on Monday suspended a series of decrees issued by the country’s president to make it easier to buy firearms and that were to go into effect within hours.

Judge Rosa Weber, one of the 11 members of Brazil’s top court, annulled some parts of the four decrees approved by far-right president Jair Bolsonaro in February to expand access to weapons in Brazil.

Among other aspects, Weber’s decision suspends one of the decrees that would increase the maximum number of firearms for self defense purposes an individual is allowed to own from four to six, provided they fulfill the requirements needed to obtain the registration certificate of firearms.

She also temporarily canceled the rule that significantly expanded the limit for the acquisition of weapons and ammunition by hunters, shooters and collectors, among other points.

The precautionary measure was adopted by Weber hours before the decrees came into force and must now be analyzed by the plenary of the Federal Supreme Court.

Easing the possession and acquisition of weapons is one of the promises made in the election campaign by Bolsonaro, a man nostalgic for the right-wing military dictatorships that reigned in Latin America during the last century.

Since taking office in January 2019, Bolsonaro, a former army captain, has launched various measures to promote the “self-defense” of society.

Despite the fact that many of these initiatives have been downgraded or even struck down by the legislative and judicial powers, the registration of firearms in Brazil has tripled between 2018 and 2020.

In 2020 alone, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, sales of firearms in the country grew by 90 percent, Bolsonaro announced. EFE


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