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Brunelleschi’s dome in Florence: 600 years of history in the heavens

By Gonzalo Sanchez

Rome, Aug 1 (efe-epa).- Six hundred years ago Filippo Brunelleschi began building a huge dome for Florence’s cathedral, a feat many saw as impossible but which continues to astonish the world today.

“This is the manifesto of Renaissance and humanist architecture,” Samuele Caciagli, an architect responsible for the technical management of the cathedral, tells Efe.

“Brunelleschi carried out the most important work in the world in the 15th century and managed to finish it with his brilliant intuition.”

The dome of the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral has become the symbol of the historic Tuscan capital.

This year it will celebrate reaching its sixth centenary in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which has curbed the planned celebrations.

At the beginning of the 14th century, the rich and prosperous city of Florence was obstinately finishing its main church, which was started in 1296 using a design by Arnolfo Di Cambio.

During this time the dome was missing and the rain and wind gnawed at the cathedral’s sprawling naves and altars.

The dome was a colossal challenge because when it was designed it was the biggest in the world, which was not due to vanity but because of a deviation in the plans.

Over the years the construction moved away from the original design and its transept was much larger than expected, which meant it required a much bigger dome.

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