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Brussels train station becomes unofficial workshop for city’s dance community

Brussels, Mar 27 (efe-epa).- A Brussels train station just a stone’s throw from the European Parliament has become an unofficial dance studio during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Several days a week, groups of dancers come to the Brussels-Luxembourg station to work on their latest choreographies.

“Since the start of the pandemic, a lot of people have been coming to this station,” Alphy, a dancer who works with his group five hours a week, told Efe.

One of the troupes from Brussels’ dance scene that uses the station as a workspace is Move Nation, a group of friends who interpret K-Pop music for their popular Youtube channel, where they have some 137,000 subscribers.

Justine, one of the members, says the group tries to find similar filming locations to the original K-Pop music videos and even try to match the clothes of the artists.

Move Nation decided to use the train station in Brussels as they had no fixed training studio.

Alphy said the shops in the station are not particularly bothered by the sound of the music and the dancers and have become accustomed to it — some dancers have used the space regularly for several years.

He added security officers will periodically check that the dancers are wearing masks and respecting the health and safety requirements in place for Covid-19. They also ensure that the music is not blasting too loud, for fear it could drown out announcements to passengers.

The majority of Move Nation’s members are self-taught, although some attend dance classes, which have had to be adapted due to the pandemic with many tutorial sessions moving online or to outside public spaces. EFE-EPA


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