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BSH committee called off the strikes and reached an agreement

Maliaño, Nov 28 (EFE).- The works council of BSH has called off the work stoppages in Spain that were due to start on Wednesday, after reaching a provisional agreement with the company that reduces the number of dismissals to 32, down from the initial 59.

Germany’s BSH, which has been part of the Bosch Group since January 2015, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of household appliances, with 39 factories.

In a statement, the works council said it would report on this agreement in principle at the morning and afternoon shift meetings Wednesday. However, negotiations on the Erte (Temporary Labor Adjustment Plan) had not yet been concluded.

The agreement covers 32 layoffs, 20 that will occur in January 2024 and 12 in a second group from January 2025.

Following the company’s latest offer, the BSH committee canceled the three-day, two-hour stoppages per shift due to start on Wednesday, in response to the company’s approach of “excessive” redundancies and “clearly inadequate” compensation.

In Santander, a citty in northern Spain, BSH employs 340 workers and the works council consists of eight UGT representatives, three CCOO representatives and two ASI-USO representatives. EFE


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