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BTS looks to conquer the summer with new single ‘Butter’

Seoul, May 20 (EFE).- K-Pop group BTS presented Friday their new single “Butter,” a casual English song which the South Korean group hopes to make the soundtrack of the summer in the northern hemisphere, as the band said at a press conference in Seoul.

“We wanted to do something that was easy to listen to. That was ‘smooth like butter’” (the song’s chorus) said Jimin, one of the seven members of the band that has recently garnered unparalleled global success.

Jungkook, the band’s youngest member, said the idea behind Butter “is simple. It’s getting hotter and hotter and we just hope everyone can have a fun summer.”

Asked if BTS is looking at “Butter” for their first Grammy award, member Suga said they would “love to get one” and that the song is “a new attempt to get it.”

Achieving a Grammy “is one of our goals,” said group leader RM, in charge of polishing the single’s lyrics, especially in the parts in which he and Suga rap.

“Butter” follows the line traced by “Dynamite,” the first entirely English song the group released in August and was later included in “BE,” the band’s fifth studio album released in November.

The video for the new single has a very American and ‘70s aesthetic and of course has a special dedication for ARMY, the official BTS fan group.

Jin, the oldest group member, and Jungkook said Friday that it was difficult for them to form the letter “A” together at the time of the video in which the seven spelled the word “ARMY” with their bodies.

“Butter” also includes a moment in which each member performs a “free dance” on their own that each chose “because it was the one that best represented us,” said member V, who wore voluminous permed curls at the press conference.

Suga said the first live performance of the new song will be on May 23 at the Global Music Awards gala, for which they have obtained four nominations.

“We cannot give many details about our plans these next few weeks, other than that we will be promoting” Butter “and preparing the BTS Festa this year” (an online event due to the Covid-19 pandemic) RM said. EFE


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