Canada orders seizure of Russian cargo plane

Toronto, Canada, Jun 10 (EFE).- Canada on Saturday ordered the seizure of a Russia-registered cargo plane currently grounded at the Toronto Pearson Airport, the Canadian foreign ministry said.

The plane is believed to be owned by a subsidiary of Volga-Dnepr Airlines LLC and Volga-Dnepr Group, “two entities against which Canada recently imposed sanctions due to their complicity” in the Ukraine war, the ministry added.

It is the first time since the start of the war in Ukraine that Canada has seized assets from an entity linked to the Russian invasion.

“The seizure of this important asset is the first step of the Government of Canada’s action under the asset seizure and forfeiture regime and is designed to put additional pressure on Russia to stop its illegal war against Ukraine by straining its economic system and limiting resources that fuel the war,” the ministry said.

The Canadian government said that if the plane was ultimately forfeited to the Crown, it would work with the Ukrainian government to redistribute the asset to compensate victims of human rights abuses or rebuild Ukraine.

“Today, Canada is sending a clear message to the Russian regime that there will be nowhere left to hide for those who support and profit from the Kremlin’s war of aggression,” Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly said.

The announcement of the seizure of the Antonov 124 comes on the same day that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a surprise trip to Kyiv to meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Trudeau announced $500 million more in military aid to Ukraine and offered to help train Ukrainian pilots on the F-16 fighter jets. EFE


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