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Canadian police clear protesters blocking traffic on US border bridge

Toronto, Canada, Feb 13 (EFE).- Police in Canada on Sunday cleared anti-vaccine mandate protesters who have been blocking the bridge that is the main land route to the United States for a week.

Around 8:30 am local time (1:30 pm GMT), the police informed protestors blocking access to the Ambassador Bridge they were subject to arrest and advised them to vacate the area immediately.

Although some decided to leave the protest area, others who stood their ground were arrested by the police. Journalists were also ordered to leave.

Authorities towed vehicles blocking the Ambassador Bridge, a crucial land crossing between Canada and the US through which some $400 million worth of goods circulate on daily basis.

“Vehicles are being ticketed and towed,” the Windsor Police service said on Twitter.

“Enforcement will continue in the demonstration area and there will be zero tolerance for illegal activity. The public should avoid the area,” the police added.

The protest began a week ago when dozens of truck drivers blocked access to Ambassador Bridge in support of anti-vaccine protesters, who have occupied downtown Ottawa since the end of January after Canada and the US imposed a mandate requiring cross-border truck drivers to be fully vaccinated.

Lack of action by the police in Windsor allowed truckers to prevent the crossing of goods and people for days, which has had a damaging knock on effect on supply chains and the Canadian and US economies.

Operations to restore order on the bridge, connecting Windsor in Canada and Detroit in the US, began on Saturday morning after a Canadian judge ordered the truck drivers to disperse and the Ontario government to declare a state of emergency.

Meanwhile, blockade of border crossings elsewhere in western and central Canada continues, as well as the occupation in downtown Ottawa, where at least 400 trucks are blocking access to the Canadian parliament. EFE


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