Canadians have chosen ‘progressive plan’: Justin Trudeau

(Update 1: adds Elections Canada’s latest figures confirming Liberal Party win, remarks by Trudeau, O’Toole)

Toronto, Canada, Sep 21 (EFE).- The leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, said early Tuesday after winning the country’s federal elections that Canadian voters have chosen “a progressive plan” and that he is ready to form a government.

Trudeau addressed supporters gathered at a hotel in Montreal at 1.30 am after 91 percent of the votes had been counted and Elections Canada showed that his Liberal Party had secured 158 seats of the 338-member House of Commons (lower house of parliament) and 31.8 percent of the votes.

In second place was the Conservative Party with 34.1 percent of the votes and 121 seats, followed by the sovereignist Bloc Quebecois with 8.1 percent of the ballots and 31 seats, and the social democratic New Democratic Party with 17.6 percent of the votes and 26 seats.

The Green Party obtained 2.4 percent of the votes and two seats.

The outcome is almost exactly the same as that of the 2019 elections, when the Liberals won 157 seats and the Conservatives became the main opposition party with 121 seats.

Trudeau said that voters had given the Liberals “a clear mandate” although he did not acknowledge that they did not grant him the majority that he had asked for during his election campaign.

Having fallen short of the majority of 170 seats, the liberal leader will have to negotiate with other parties, mainly the New Democratic Party and Bloc Quebecois, to push through his proposals in parliament.

“I see Canadians standing together, together in your determination to end this pandemic, together for real climate action…for homes that are in reach for middle-class families, for our shared journey on the path of reconciliation,” Trudeau said.

“Our government is ready,” he added. “I am ready to carry on with the work, my team is ready.”

Before Trudeau’s speech, Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole conceded defeat but stressed that Canadians had denied him the majority mandate.

“In fact, Canadians sent him back with another minority at the cost of CA$600 million and deeper divisions in our great country,” he said.

The Conservative leader also recalled that Trudeau had said that he would convene snap elections in 18 months if he didn’t get a majority. EFE


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