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Caravan of Mexican women protests against sexist violence

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, March 12 (EFE).- Mexican women from the “Crosses for justice, not one more” caravan protested Saturday against sexist violence in Ciudad Juarez, a city on the border with the United States that has attracted international attention for the femicides.

As part of the activities for International Women’s Day, commemorated Tuesday, dozens of activists gathered at the emblematic sculpture “El Umbral del Milenio” to demand justice and the whereabouts of the bodies of thousands of disappeared.

From the early hours, women dressed in purple and black showed their support for the mothers of the young victims of violence with cardboard slogans such as “we are news, but we will not stop until we are history.”

The final point was the cotton field, a place that was a turning point in Ciudad Juarez for the location of the bodies of several women more than 20 years ago, at the beginning of a wave of sexist violence.

“This caravan has the objective of highlighting the violence in this city, showing that women are not alone,” Yadira Cortes, one of the leaders of the movement, told EFE.

The woman said she would put “pink crosses again outside the State Attorney General’s Office to represent the search for justice for all victims and gender violence.”

During the formal act, relatives of the victims said the state of Chihuahua, in the north of the country, has an active gender emergency declaration, but even so, authorities do not contain the violence.

“I am Lourdes Munoz and a week ago a cousin lost her life at the hands of the one she said she would love her, when she saw that she no longer had a life (he) also committed suicide,” another of the protesters said.

The protest in Ciudad Juarez reflects the growing indignation of Mexican women against sexist violence, which on Tuesday returned to the streets of the country.

The Mexican government registered 1,004 victims of femicide in 2021, as murder motivated by gender violence is typified, 2.66 percent more than in 2020.

Adding the 2,747 female victims of intentional homicide, a total of 3,751 Mexican women were murdered last year, which represents more than 10 a day. EFE


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