China accuses citizen of spying for the US

Beijing, Aug 21 (EFE).- China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) said Monday it has arrested a government employee for allegedly spying for the United States’ intelligence service or the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The country’s top anti-espionage agency said that the detainee is a 39-year-old Chinese citizen, surnamed Hao, who was allegedly recruited by CIA, “while studying in Japan.”

Hao was working in a Chinese ministry, said the MSS but did not specify the ministry’s name and gender of the arrested person.

The ministry said in a statement that while in Japan, Hao was approached by a US embassy official and they “gradually established a close relationship.”

“Before the end of Hao’s study abroad (…) Hao agreed, signed a spy agreement with the US, and accepted examinations and training,” the MSS alleged.

According to the statement, upon returning to China, Hao began working in an unspecified ministry and met with CIA personnel in the country on several occasions to provide information and receive payout.

However, the ministry said that it has uncovered evidence related to Hao’s alleged espionage activities and is investigating them.

This arrest follows a similar incident earlier this month, in which the Chinese authorities detained another citizen on espionage charges, claiming that the individual had commenced working for the CIA while studying in Italy.

The Asian country has recently ramped up its efforts to combat espionage, particularly following the revision of its anti-espionage law in July.

The amended law empowers authorities to punish anyone deemed a threat to its national security and interests.

The MSS, which has announced a series of measures against foreign intelligence activities, has even encouraged its citizens to participate in the counter-espionage efforts.

Earlier, on Aug. 3, the US government arrested two of its navy soldiers on charges of “transmitting sensitive military information” to China. EFE


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