China accuses US of creating ‘imaginary enemy,’ impasse in ties

Beijing, July 26 (EFE).- China Monday urged the United States to stop perceiving it as an “imaginary enemy.”

The Chinese foreign ministry said, in a statement, that such behavior had caused an impasse in the ties between the two countries in the face of serious difficulties.

The statement noted that the bilateral ties were at a standstill and faced difficulties.

“It is because some Americans see China as an imaginary enemy,” the statement said.

It was part of the message conveyed to Washington during a meeting between Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng and US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman.

The two leaders met in the northeastern Chinese city of Tianjin after Sherman arrived in China a day before.

“We urge the US to change its wrong mindset and dangerous policy,” the statement said.

The Chinese liken it to the demonization of Japan during World War 2 and the Soviet Union during the Cold War by the US.

However, the Chinese state press routinely portrays the US as the enemy in its editorials and other related articles.

The Chinese foreign ministry state said Xie noted that Washington was trying to impose “jungle law” disguised as “a rules-based international order.”

“The United States has abandoned universally recognized international law and order, and damaged the international system that it helped to build,” the statement said.

Xie told Sherman that “the rhetoric of competition, collaboration, and adversary is a veiled attempt to contain and repress China.”

The second-ranking US diplomat is likely to meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

The visit to Tianjin is part of her Asian tour that took the US diplomat to Japan, South Korea, and Mongolia.

Relations between Beijing and Washington began deteriorating in 2018 when then-president Donald Trump started a trade war with China.

The two countries tried to put the ties back on track after Joe Biden assumed the presidency of the US in January this year. They have achieved a little success so far. EFE


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