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China accuses US of ‘provoking confrontation’ in the Korean peninsula

Beijing, April 27 (EFE).- China today accused the United States of “provoking confrontation” in the Korean peninsula and undermining “regional peace and stability,” US President Joe Biden and his South Korean counterpart, Yoon Suk-yeol, signed a military cooperation agreement against North Korea.

The deal will allow a nuclear-armed US submarine to dock on the Korean peninsula for the first time in 40 years.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning told a press conference that Washington insists on using the situation on the peninsula to create tensions, while describing US actions as emerging from a “cold war mentality.”

Washington acts according to its own geopolitical interests, Mao said.

Likewise, the United States harms the strategic interests of other countries and is opposed to the objective of denuclearizing the peninsula, according to the spokesperson.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Biden underlined the US’ commitment to the defense of South Korea and said that this included the defense of its partner against any threat, including a hypothetical North Korean attack.

Yoon announced the strengthening of the strategy of “extended deterrence”, a commitment by the US that includes sending strategic assets to the Korean peninsula, such as bombers or aircraft carriers, to respond to the actions of the regime in Pyongyang.

China is the main strategic and commercial partner of North Korea, a country with which it shares a border of more than 1,400 kilometers. EFE


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