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China accuses US of undermining peace and stability in Taiwan Strait

Beijing, Aug 29 (EFE).- China’s Foreign Ministry condemned Monday the passage of two American cruises across the Taiwan Strait the previous day, accusing the United States of deliberately undermining regional peace and stability in the region.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said in a press conference the US Navy’s action was not a “commitment to freedom of navigation” but a provocation in the search for “uncontrolled freedom.”

He also called on the US to stop “distorting” the “one China principle,” and demanded that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other nations be respected.

This development comes four weeks after the visit to Taiwan by the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, despite previous warnings from Beijing, triggering a crisis in the region and provoking military maneuvers around the island.

The Taiwanese government described the live fire war games and the launching of long-range missiles by China as “irresponsible,” and raised numerous signs of concern within the international community.

The US said it would continue to operate through the Taiwan Strait, calling the crisis created by Beijing.

China claims sovereignty over Taiwan, an island it considers a rebel province since Kuomintang nationalists retreated there in 1949, after losing the civil war against the Communists. EFE


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