China adds nearly 38,000 new coronavirus infections, mostly asymptomatic

Beijing, Nov 30 (EFE).- China reported Tuesday that it identified roughly 38,000 new coronavirus patients in the previous 24 hours, with more than 88 percent showing no symptoms of the virus.

The number is slightly lower than in the preceding five days when daily infections steadily increased.

The vast majority (4,236) of the additional 4,288 symptomatic cases (4,236) were caused by local transmission, mainly in Canton and Beijing.

Together with Shanxi, the regions accumulated more than half of the new asymptomatic cases.

However, the Chinese authorities do not count asymptomatic cases among the list of Covid-19 patients unless they begin to show virus symptoms.

The health commission said 52 symptomatic and 164 asymptomatic patients were foreign travelers.

The authorities have isolated more than 376,000 people for medical observation for being asymptomatic carriers of the virus.

China, which follows a harsh zero Covid policy, has witnessed waves of outbreaks in recent months attributed to the omicron variant of the virus that has caused record numbers of infections not seen since the pandemic started in the first half of 2020.

The number of active infections with symptoms in mainland China now stands at 35,616. At least 100 of them are in serious condition.

China has registered 319,536 infections and 5,233 deaths since the pandemic started engulfing the globe.

However, the figure does not include asymptomatic cases.

Some 12.7 million close contacts of infected people have been medically monitored in China, of which more than 2 million remain under quarantine.

China has been virtually isolated from the rest of the world since the pandemic started.

The stringent zero-Covid policy has sparked rare anti-government protests by students and groups of people across China.

The protests have been quelled with security tightened in Beijing and Shanghai.

Police have also launched a crackdown on suspected protesters. EFE


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