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China approves building an exploration base on the Moon’s south pole

Beijing, Jan 5 (EFE).- China has approved the fourth phase of its lunar exploration program, which includes the construction in the next decade of a scientific exploration base at the south pole of the satellite, according to state agency CGTN.

The National Space Administration of China said the country will continue its lunar exploration program with the future missions Chang’e 6, Chang’e 7 and Chang’e 8.

​​”We will work with Russia to build the bases of the lunar exploration station, which will lay a solid foundation for investigating the lunar resources and environment,” the deputy director of the station told local media in a recent interview.

Building a base at the south pole of the Moon would have the advantage that the solar panels that would supply power to the station would enjoy more hours of sunshine than elsewhere on the satellite.

After signing the cooperation agreement with Russia in March, the chief designer of the lunar exploration program, Wu Weiren, said that “if the lunar research station project can be successfully implemented, China will not be far from achieving a manned landing on the moon “.

Part of the Chang’e 4 mission is on the lunar surface.

The Yutu 2 vehicle, which is currently in operation, reached the moon aboard the unmanned probe Chang’e-4 in 2019, when it became the first spacecraft to land on the far side of the satellite.

Chinese experts predicted shortly after the launch of the Chang’e-4 that there would be “surprising discoveries” on the far side of the Moon, in which “deeply hidden information” could be revealed.

The Chang’e program (named after a goddess who according to Chinese legends lives on the Moon) began with the launch of a first probe in 2007.

The ultimate goal of this program is a manned mission to the Moon. EFE


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