China condemns former Japan PM’s remarks in Taiwan

Beijing, Aug 9 (EFE).- China on Wednesday condemned former Japan prime minister Taro Aso’s trip to Taiwan, and criticized his comments that have generated tension in the region.

Aso, also vice president of the Liberal Democratic Party, met with Taiwanese leaders, including President Tsai Ing-wen, and advocated “a readiness to fight” to ensure peace and stability, despite stressing that “the foremost priority is to prevent war in this region, including the Taiwan Strait.”

Beijing interpreted these statements as interference in its internal affairs and a violation of the ‘one China’ principle.

Its foreign ministry, in a statement released Wednesday by a spokesperson, stressed that Taiwan is an integral part of its territory and the Taiwan issue should not be subject to outside interference.

“China has made serious démarches to Japan and strongly condemns this,” said the spokesperson, while reminding Tokyo that “Japan exercised colonial rule over Taiwan” for 50 years.

Likewise, the ministry warned the Taiwanese authorities about the consequences of lending support to those seeking independence of the island and pointed out that peaceful reunification is an objective shared by all Chinese citizens.

“We also have a clear message for the Taiwan authorities: ‘Taiwan independence’ has no future,” said it added, stressing that “soliciting Japan’s support and selling Taiwan away will only harm the people in Taiwan.”

China claims sovereignty over Taiwan, a self-governing territory it considers a rebel province. EFE


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