China criticizes Taiwan militarization and US’ support

Beijing, Nov 30 (EFE).- A Chinese military spokesman on Thursday accused Taiwan of seeking independence by relying on the United States.

Spokesman Wu Qian responded to a question about Taiwan’s possible plans, advanced by the island’s press, to acquire ships and military drones from the US.

“This is pushing Taiwan into the abyss of disaster and will bring great calamities to the people of Taiwan,” Wu said, adding that the island’s security “depends on the peaceful development of cross-strait relations” and that “it cannot rely on a few American weapons.”

The military spokesman said China’s army is “prepared to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China” and “to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait area.”

China recently declared its hope that January’s Taiwanese presidential election would yield a result “conducive to cross-Strait peace and stability” and help relations between the two sides return to “normal.”

Taiwan’s two main opposition parties, the Kuomintang and the Taiwan People’s Party, registered their candidacies separately after renouncing an electoral coalition facing the ruling Democratic Progressive Party.

The current mandate of the progressives, under the leadership of current President Tsai Ing-wen, who cannot run for a third term, has been marked by the intensification of tensions with China.

Taiwan – where the Chinese nationalist army retreated after defeat by communist troops in the civil war – has been governed autonomously since 1949, although China claims sovereignty over the island, which it considers a rebellious province for whose “reunification” has not ruled out the use of force.

The issue is one of the main points of friction between Beijing and Washington, since the US is Taipei’s main arms supplier and could defend the island in the event of a conflict. EFE


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