China defends anti-espionage law, says foreign companies unaffected

Beijing, Dec 6 (EFE).- China’s State Security Ministry defended its revised anti-espionage law Wednesday and said that it does not affect normal commercial activities or legitimate investments and operations of foreign companies operating in China.

The ministry said in a statement on its official WeChat social media account that the revised law is “more precise, clear and transparent,” which “reflects the progress of China’s legal system.”

The statement responded to questions about the law, which has raised concerns among some foreign business sectors that it could be used to restrict their activities or access their trade secrets.

The ministry said security is essential for development and the basis for maintaining an open and stable business environment, and that it is a common and legitimate practice of countries to enforce laws against espionage activities.

Those who “exaggerate” and claim that the law harms the business environment in China have ulterior motives that seek to distort reality, the agency said.

The ministry called on people to prevent and combat espionage, and announced a series of measures to strengthen national defense against “foreign intelligence activities.”

China amended its Anti-espionage Law in April to include collaboration with spy organizations and their agents in the category of espionage.

The investigations initiated in recent months into consulting firms and foreign companies in China have caused concern in the sector and in potential foreign investors. EFE


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