China protests Canadian military plane incursions into its airspace

Beijing, Oct 19 (EFE).- China has officially protested alleged multiple incursions by a Canadian military plane into its airspace, official media reported.

The Global Times said a Canadian CP-140 plane illegally entered China’s airspace over the country’s Chiwei Islet and approached the near sea area in East China and the Taiwan Straits multiple times recently.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian said on Wednesday that the air force handled the situation in compliance with the law.

Wu accused the Canadian side of sensationalizing the issue and distorting the facts to mislead international public opinion.

Wu emphasized that Canada’s actions seriously violate China’s sovereignty and pose a threat to its national security.

He said these actions of a grave nature and highly perilous could lead to misunderstandings.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhang Wei expressed his government’s strong condemnation of the Canadian airspace violation.

Zhang said the Chinese armed forces deployed fighter jets to track and monitor the Canadian plane’s route, taking necessary measures to safeguard their airspace.

Canadian Defense Minister Bill Blair said the interception of its plane was “unacceptable, dangerous, and reckless.”

China has called on Canada to cease provocative actions and prevent escalation, a situation that could potentially exacerbate regional tensions.

The incident unfolded amid strained ties between China and Canada, largely due to trade and human rights issues, including the recent expulsion of diplomats from both nations.

The latest diplomatic crisis between Canada and China began last year when Canadian media leaked intelligence documents accusing Beijing of interference in the 2019 and 2021 general elections. EFE


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