China renews alerts for cold waves, strong winds

Beijing, Nov 23 (EFE).- China’s national weather agency on Thursday renewed alerts for cold waves and strong winds in different regions of the country.

According to the National Meteorological Center’s forecasts, Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, and northeast China will continue to experience the second cold wave of the winter season, with drops in temperature of up to 10 degrees Celsius between Thursday and Saturday.

During this period, minimum temperatures in some parts of Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang could fall to below minus 30 degrees Celsius.

The meteorological center had issued a yellow alert on Tuesday for low temperatures, the third highest level in its four-tier weather warning system, in which red is for the most severe weather, followed by orange, yellow and blue.

The center also renewed a blue alert for strong winds and gales in the east of the western Xinjiang province, as well as in parts of Inner Mongolia, Hebei and Beijing, with prediction of winds of between 30 to 61 kilometers per hour (19 – 40 miles per hour) and gusts of between 62 to 74 kilometers per hour.

Gusts between 75 to 87 kilometers per hour are expected in Tianjin city and along the country’s eastern coast.

The authorities advised the public to take precautions against the cold and wind and asked the police to prepare for frost on several roads.

On Nov. 5, China issued its first orange alert for snow storms in the northeast of the country with a maximum snowfall of 25 centimeters as well as a significant drop in temperatures of up to 16 degrees Celsius in several regions. EFE


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