China’s premier says Beijing is an ‘anchor for global peace, development’

Beijing, Mar 30 (EFE).- China’s prime minister, Li Qiang, said that Beijing was an “anchor for global peace and development,” at the annual Boao Forum for Asia on China’s island province of Hainan Thursday.

The Chinese premier added that his country wants to play a “stabilizing role” in world trade and that China was opposed to trade protectionism and decoupling of supply chains.

Li called for the creation of “more dynamic growth centers” in Asia to “inject more certainty into global economic recovery,” China’s state-backed news agency Xinhua reported.

Xi Jingping’s number two added that for Asia to prosper, the continent must avoid chaos and conflicts, and Li called for “upholding mutual respect and trust, openness and inclusiveness, respecting other countries’ independently-chosen development paths, and opposing the narrative of ‘clash of civilizations’ and ideological confrontation.”

“China will never seek modernization through war, colonization or plunder,” Li said in his first address to an international audience since he took office two weeks ago.

The leader told attendees of the forum that Beijing opposed “unilateral sanctions” and he urged the international community to avoid “forming blocs and a new cold war,” in a nod to the ongoing war in Ukraine where China has pitched itself as a peace mediator.

Beijing has maintained an ambiguous stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and has refrained from condemning the ongoing war.

China has provided an economic lifeline to Russia with trade between both powers jumping by 30% last year.

Turning to China’s domestic economic outlook, the premier said that China had the “confidence and ability to advance the Chinese economy to break waves, maintain steady and sustained growth and make a greater contribution to world economic development.”

Looking to the future, Li said that China would “roll out new measures to increase market access and improve business environment.”

Over 2,000 representatives from 50 countries are expected at the 22nd conference of the Boao Forum for Asia on China’s Hainan Island.

The forum, which launched in 2000 backed by 29 countries in the region, was held for the first time in February 2001 with the aim of promoting Asian economic integration, a goal that was later expanded to a global scale. EFE


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