China’s Xi warns of ‘dangerous storms’ after spy balloon clash with US

Beijing, Feb 8 (EFE).- China’s President Xi Jinping warned Wednesday that the Asian country “inevitably” will face “dangerous storms” in a context of escalated tensions with the United States.

“The cause of promoting Chinese modernization, which is an unprecedented and pioneering venture, will inevitably encounter all kinds of risks, challenges, difficulties and even dangerous storms, some of which we can foresee and others we cannot,” Xi said in a speech at a study session of the Communist Party of China, of which he is general secretary.

“Let us harness our indomitable fighting spirit to open new horizons for our cause,” he added.

The Chinese leader emphasized that the country had its own model of development that dispelled the myth that “modernization is equal to Westernization,” state run news agency Xinhua reported.

He also called for efforts to achieve higher efficiency than that of capitalism, while more effectively maintaining fairness in society.

These are Xi’s first public remarks since the episode of a suspected Chinese spy balloon that flew over the US, which has triggered a new political crisis between the two countries.

It was also the first meeting attended by the new members of the CPC’s Politburo, the party’s leadership, elected during the 20th Congress in October, in which Xi was re-elected secretary general for an unprecedented third term.

The opening ceremony of the event was chaired by Li Qiang, who is poised to become the country’s prime minister during the annual legislative session in March, replacing Li Keqiang.

Xi also stressed the importance of efforts to achieve an overall improvement in the economy.

China recently dismantled its “zero Covid” policy, which heavily weighed down the country’s economic activity due to restrictions and strict lockdowns imposed due to the spread of the virus.

Tensions with Taiwan were also present in the meeting and a resolution was included in the party’s statutes to reject an eventual declaration of independence from the island. EFE


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