Chinese activist Wang Quanzhang says government should use power as per law

By Javier Triana

Beijing, Apr 28 (efe-epa).- Chinese rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang, who has reunited with his family after almost five years in jail, finds it difficult to speak as his physical and mental health have deteriorated during the imprisonment.

He does not want to talk about the sentence he served on charges of subverting state power, citing possible problems.

However, in a telephonic interview with EFE, he is clear about one thing: The Chinese government and the police should “use their power” as per the law.

Wang, 44, was able to return home in Beijing after his arrest on July 10, 2015, as part of a widespread crackdown on law firms specializing in human rights cases, which led to the detention of dozens of activists.

QUESTION: How are you feeling now that you finally met your family?

ANSWER: It is a long process. On Apr. 5, I was released (and taken to native place in the eastern city of Jinan, where he spent 14 days in quarantine and later under surveillance). During this time, we were not able to see each other on video-call. Earlier, when I was in prison, we could see each other across the glass. It has not all come at once, rather a lengthy process.

After reaching home, I hugged my wife and son and felt very emotional. It was not an easy moment.

Q: How do you feel physically and mentally?

A: I have hypertension and my blood sugar is a bit high. I do not hear very well due to ear inflammation. Similarly, I have a tooth problem.

On Apr. 5, when I left the prison, I realized, for example, that I was typing very slowly on my mobile phone. I also feel very cut-off from society.

I need some time. First, I need to know what has happened in the world during these five years. I have to form an opinion.

Q: Have they put any conditions for allowing you to live with your family?

A: Yes, they made me write a declaration that I will not carry out actions against the law, system, or the structure of the country.

The police do not want me to give interviews, but I do not agree, because according to them I have been stripped of political rights (until 2024). I think interviews are part of human rights.

Q: Are you afraid?

A: Of course, I do not want them to take me away from my family again. But I have been in prison for almost five years, nothing worries me anymore, because I have experienced everything now.

I want the police to do everything according to the laws. The police and the government have to use their power in accordance with the law, not in any way they please, to restrict my freedom.

Q: What do you think about the accusation of “subversion”, and your trial?

A: I clearly remember the judges of the Tianjin court. One had the surname Li and the other Zhou. These are typical old-school judges who are not objective, who give incorrect and unjust decisions. They understood my case very well, but still acted the way they did.

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