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Chris Pratt proud to star in original sci-fi movie with huge scope

By Javier Romualdo

Los Angeles, Jun 30 (EFE).-  From battling dinosaurs in Jurassic Park to fighting alongside Marvel superheroes, Hollywood star Chris Pratt is ready to stand up to an alien invasion in a new original sci-fi movie Tomorrow War.

Pratt said he was attracted to this film because it is a “massive movie with huge scope and its original IP.”

“People will hit me up on Twitter, Instagram saying why does everything have to be a sequel, why does everything have to be based on a comic book, why can’t we have something original?”

“This is original, this came from the imagination of a brilliant screenwriter, it is not based on a toy brand or whatever, it is something brand new and original so I really wanted to give audiences that thing they have been craving in a big scope,” he said.

“Usually with original movies, you can get them made but you can’t get them made with a big budget because that built-in audience makes a studio feel a little bit more comfortable at spending the millions and millions of dollars necessary to create a film of this magnitude.”

In Tomorrow War, which premieres on Amazon Prime July 2, Pratt plays a high school teacher named Dan who enlists in the army to travel to the future when Earth is being overrun by a group of aliens that the population is unable to eradicate. EFE


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