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‘Ch’utas’ inaugurates carnival in Bolivian highlands

La Paz, Jan 13 (EFE).- To the southwest of the department of La Paz is the “cradle” of the “ch’utas,” the soul of the carnival of that highland region of Bolivia whose origin is in the relationship of indigenous peoples during the first years of the country’s founding in the 19th century.

Several legislators from the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies promoted the launch of the “First Carnival of the Year ” that precisely has the ch’uta as the protagonist in the town of Caquiviri, located in the Larecaja province of La Paz.

The celebration of this carnival integrates aspects of that Aymara region such as the dance of the ch’utas, which in turn is mixed with elements of Catholicism, such as the patron saint festival of San Antonio Abad, on Jan. 17, a bullfight and the agricultural cycle, among other customs.

Although the festival begins on the day of the saint, it lasts for at least four days in which various activities are organized where the dance of the ch’utas and their partners is inevitable, usually Aymara cholas with two braids and a bowler hat. , many times full of jewels and with wavy skirts.

In the presentation of this carnival it was mentioned that the dance of the ch’utas occurs precisely in the “rainy season,” so the jumps and other movements of the main character exalt the upcoming flowering of crops, plants and trees. EFE


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