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Cognitive figures of light star in new works by teamLab collective

Tokyo, Jan 16 (EFE).- Figures of light that do not exist physically but materialize cognitively through the way they are projected and moved star in two new works by the digital art collective teamLab, which will open on Feb. 9 at its new museum in Tokyo.

‘Light Vortex’ and ‘Microcosmoses: Wobbling Light’ are two independent works that were presented to the media on Tuesday and in which numerous lights move and combine within a space, giving rise to various shapes and structures.

‘Microcosmoses: Wobbling Light’ is composed of luminous spheres that advance through a circuit and interact with visitors, lighting up in different colors and intensities when they detect a presence.

In the words of teamLab founding member Inoko Toshiyuki, who did not reveal how many spheres make up the work, the balls “breathe” when they come into contact with the audience, emitting light in individual cycles that create multiple orders.

‘Light Vortex’ consists of transitions of light sequences emitted by spotlights arranged on the walls, floor and ceiling and bounce off a mirror that reflects asymmetrically.

teamLab ensures that figures of light reach the visitor and interact with them to make them feel that they are in a luminous tunnel that continues beyond the mirror.

“The sequence is intentional, but it is not intended to be expressed in words,” Inoko said when asked about the meaning of the transitions.

Each light shines continuously separately, but when they come together at a specific point it feels as if a presence is created – something living, with consciousness, he added.

The continuous flow of lights creates “a limitless experience” that turns art and space into a whole and that is the sensation that the collective wants the public to experience.

The new teamLab Borderless museum, for which ticket pre-sales began Tuesday, will have 50 connected works in which art overlaps, moves between spaces and interacts, between the four recently presented and the works in its old facilities.

Inoko concluded that “everything here is continuous and we believe that everything in the world is also continuous,” so they hope that people will find in teamLab the beauty of continuity. EFE


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