Colombian bars to be certified ‘COVID Safe’ before reopening

Bogota, July 11 (efe-epa).- The Colombia Association of Bars (Asobares) have launched the “COVID Safe” tag to be awarded to establishments that comply with biosecurity and health measures once the government allows them to reopen.

The guild showed the authorities what it would be like to implement a biosecurity protocol for the eventual reopening in four joints, three of them in Bogota and one in Medellin, which received the certificate on Friday.

“The nightlife industry is making preparations for when we are allowed to reopen with all the security measures,” Asobares executive director Adriana Plata told EFE during the display of the security measures at the BBC Pub on 85th Street in Bogota.

Despite receiving the certification, the bar will not be able to reopen as the government is yet to decide on a date for resumption of activities in bars and restaurants.

However, once it reopens, people arriving at the bar in Bogota will need to wear a mask, have their temperature checked, disinfect their shoes, wash their hands, and provide relevant personal information.

“The complete application of security protocols (…) involves infrastructure measures, distance between the tables, division of the tables with security measures or divisions that allow us to ensure that separation between the groups of attendees,” Plata said.

Moreover, the staff members of an establishment need to be adequately trained in implementing the security protocol before they can receive the certification.

The “COVID Safe” tag will allow the people and the authorities to identify establishments that most rigorously implement biosecurity protocols by avoiding crowds and using technology to protect citizens.

The suggested measures for reopening include doing away with the physical menu and display them on screens or through the mobile phones of guests to reduce the chances of infection.

“There are also matters about reducing cash payments and including digital payment gateways or telephones and having hand sanitizers near each customer,” Silver said.

The Asobares representative underlined they were aware of the fact that reopening would not happen until the government and health authorities give the green light.

“Part of today’s exercise is to show them that this sector is making preparations (…) and will be able to make a revival,” he said.

There were some 250,000 people employed in approximately 50,000 bars in Colombia before the Covid-19 crisis.

About 96.6 percent of the establishments operated in leased premises and 84.2 percent were enterprises with up to 50 employees. EFE-EPA


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