Colombian president visits inter-Korean border

Seoul, Aug 26 (EFE).- Colombian President Ivan Duque visited the inter-Korean border Thursday as part of his state visit to South Korea, diplomatic sources told EFE.

The president was received at Camp Bonifas, a few hundred meters from the divide, by Paul J. LaCamera, commander of the United States Forces in Korea, the combined US-South Korean forces and the Command of the United Nations, of which Colombia is a part.

Colombia, which currently has two officers in this border control zone, is part of this multinational UN force since it joined it during the Korean War (1950-1953) to support the Seoul government as the only Latin American country that participated in the conflict.

The president was able to see North Korean territory from the Ouellette guard post, located next to Panmunjom village.

Panmunjom is the only point in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) where soldiers of both Koreas come face to face along with forces integrated both in the UN Command and the commission of neutral countries that ensures compliance with the ceasefire.

“Today we are honored to visit this site and to do so to strengthen Colombia’s military cooperation with the United Nations and, also, with South Korea,” Duque said at the conclusion of the visit.

Duque also said the Colombian contribution to the United Nations Command contributes to “maintaining peace in this peninsula.”

The president was accompanied by Colombian First Lady Maria Juliana Ruiz, Juan Carlos Caiza, Colombia’s ambassador to South Korea, Military Force Commander Luis Fernando Navarro and the Presidency’s Chief of Staff Maria Paula Correa. EFE


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