Community garden grows out of Bangkok’s abandoned cabs

Bangkok, Sep 14 (EFE).- A taxi company in Bangkok has converted a parking lot full of unused cabs into a community garden.

The owner of Ratchaphruek Taxi Cooperative rental company is allowing his employees to plant flowers and vegetables on the roofs and hoods of their out-of-use taxicabs.

Independent contractors and temporary workers like taxi drivers have been among the hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has caused infections to soar in Thailand since a major outbreak in April.

Thailand has reported 1.39 million total cases and 14.485 deaths, the vast majority in the past few months.

Lockdowns have been imposed as authorities try to stem the contagion, but those measures, coupled with the severe drop in international visitors, have seen the demand for taxis in the megacity plummet.


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