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Coronavirus lockdown-inspired art displayed in Brussels

By Ricardo Ruiz Varo

Brussels, Mar 17 (efe-epa).- A year after the first coronavirus lockdown came into force in Belgium, a Brussels university is marking the anniversary by exhibiting pieces of art that were inspired by the unprecedented period of confinement.

The exhibition named Temporary Museum of Lockdown, prepared by Brussels’ Free University (ULB), will be open for visitors at the university’s campus on Thursday.

A red canoe sits on the floor near the entrance to the space, which is filled with a series of photographs of people performing everyday tasks such as eating, knitting and playing table tennis, with toilet paper rolls hanging from the ceiling.

Next to the kayak that seems like it was taken out of storage and left there is a small cart made of cardboard.

Loïc Crobeddu, one of the hundreds of ULB students contributing their work and objects to the exhibition, displays one of his photographs, which shows a boy walking in an abandoned warehouse that used to be a large factory two centuries ago.

“My mother is crying. She is crying because she still doesn’t know what will happen to her and my father,” reads a caption that Crobeddu wrote during the lockdown.

“Despite the social distancing, being with my family was very comforting for me,” Crobeddu tells Efe.

Crobeddu’s parents had to shut their small business due to Covid-19 restrictions, which is why his caption went viral on social media.

The ULB’s culture department collected over 150 pieces of art, while the archives department brought together testimonies written by members of the university community.

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