Coronavirus passports to become the new normal in Europe

International Desk, Jul 23 (EFE).- An increasing number of European countries are adopting the coronavirus health passport as a requirement for most social activities, including entering a bar or restaurant.

The French National Assembly voted Friday in favor of the bill that would require people visiting bars and restaurants to present a Covid-19 certificate, which proves someone has been fully vaccinated, holds a recent negative test or has recently recovered from the illness.

The law, which has yet to be approved by French president Emmanuel Macron’s Executive, is expected to be approved over the weekend and applied in August.

The coronavirus passport is already compulsory in France for people visiting museums, cinemas, theatres amid other cultural and sporting activities that include more than 50 people.

Starting August, the health pass would also be required for long distance travel within the country, if the law is approved.

In Italy, the government approved Thursday to adopt the so-called green pass for people entering bars and restaurants starting August 6.

The Covid-19 certificate will be required for people to sit indoors in restaurants and bars, visiting cinemas, theatres, stadiums or concerts.

It will not be required for consumption at the bar nor outdoor terraces.

“Italians will be able to continue to enjoy themselves with the guarantee of being among people who are not contagious,” Italian prime minister Mario Draghi said, saying the measure would aspire “serenity” amid the pandemic.

The United Kingdom announced this week it was planning to introduce the coronavirus passport law for entering nightclubs in England starting at the end of September, once the entire adult population has been fully vaccinated.

For the time being, public places are only recommended to ask people to present a health pass, even though it is not a legal requirement.

From Monday, presenting a health pass will be mandatory to enter pubs in the Republic of Ireland.

The coronavirus passport has been a requirement for sitting indoors at a restaurant or bar in Greece since July 16, one of the first EU countries to adopt the measure.

However, only people who can prove they have been fully vaccinated or recovered from the illness will be accepted, while those with a negative test will not be allowed entry.

Restaurants and bars in Portugal, which have to close at 10:30 pm, also require visitors indoors to present the health pass.

In Belgium, the coronavirus passport will only be required for events with over 1,500 people from August 13.

From September 1, it will become compulsory for all indoor activities.EFE


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