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Court allows Andrew Tate to move throughout Romania while trial begins

Bucharest, Sept 28 (EFE).- Controversial influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan will be allowed to move freely within Romanian territory while they await the start of the trial against them for human trafficking, rape and sexual exploitation, the Bucharest court ruled on Thursday.

The judge agreed to extend the defendants’ freedom of movement, while refusing to allow them to leave the country. The brothers, who have British and American citizenship, had asked to be allowed to travel around Europe.

Andrew Tate is a former world kickboxing champion who became a British television personality, participating in reality TV shows such as Big Brother and amassing a huge social media following by promoting a hyper-masculine, ultra-luxurious lifestyle.

He has described himself as a “misogynist” and said he earned the money he flaunts on social media by hiring women to work on online pornography platforms.

After their arrest in December 2022, the Tate brothers and their associates, Alexandra Luana Radu and Georgiana Nagel, were charged by Romanian prosecutors in June 2023 with human trafficking between the United States, Britain and Romania.

Investigators from the Romanian prosecutor’s office allege that the Tates recruited young women under the pretense of romantic relationships, then sexually exploited them through intimidation, constant surveillance, and forced debt, and coerced them into creating pornographic content that they shared on social media.

Three of the seven victims identified by authorities became civil parties in the case, and in June, prosecutors seized luxury cars and watches, gold bars, and large sums of money in cryptocurrencies from the two brothers.EFE


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