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Croatian bar serves cocktails with a coronavirus twist

Zagreb, May 19 (EFE).- Pfizerr, Monderna, Astra Zenecca and Sputnjik 6, what seem to be misspelled Covid-19 vaccines, are in fact some of the latest cocktails on offer at a Croatian bar

Tomislav Perko, owner of the Roots juice and cocktail bar in the heart of Zagreb, told Efe the idea came while having drinks with colleagues.

“We were drinking ‘Penicilline’ (a well-known cocktail offered in many bars around the world) and someone said: ‘Why don’t we drink Pfizer or something similar’,” Perko said.

Inspired by the four of the most common coronavirus vaccines, each cocktail has an ingredient related to the origin of the Covid-19 jab.

“The base alcohol in each cocktail is from the country in which the vaccine is produced,” Perko explained.

The Pfizerr cocktail, inspired by the American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and its German partners BioNTech, blends American whiskey and German Jägermeister.

Of course, vodka is the base ingredient for the Sputnjik 6 cocktail — inspired by Russia’s Sputnik V — while gin is the star in the Astra Zenecca cocktail, inspired by the Swedish-British consortium AstraZeneca.

The cocktails are a melange of liquors and other ingredients with medical connotations, such as herbal liqueurs and fruits that are believed to boost immunity.

“This is a delightful offering where people can easily enter into relaxed banter on a subject that has overwhelmed us for months,” a guest at the bar told Efe.

Served with a syringe, the customer is part of the cocktail making as they inject the last ingredient into their drink. The cocktail experience is only complete after the customer receives what resembles a vaccination certificate after finishing their cocktail.

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