Daily COVID-19 pandemic roundup: June 9

Miami Desk, Jun 9 (efe-epa).- Here’s a roundup of stories around the world related to the novel coronavirus pandemic:

WORLD: The World Health Organization on Tuesday said that more than 7 million people have been infected with the coronavirus so far, and 404,396 have died, with the daily number of newly detected cases continuing to rise and totaling 131,296 within the past 24 hours.

US: Florida continues to experience more than 1,000 newly confirmed coronavirus cases each day, with the state caseload now standing at 66,000 and the death toll at 2,765, 1,096 of those cases and 53 deaths being tallied in the past 24 hours.

SCIENCE: A new scientific study published in the Physics of Fluids journal has found that the coronavirus tends to survive longer on surfaces in cooler, more humid climates. The virus is transmitted in microdroplets that are expelled when an infected person coughs, sneezes, speaks or shouts, and it can survive on surfaces from hours to days.

BRAZIL: Brazilian health authorities on Tuesday reported 1,272 new Covid-19 deaths and 32,091 newly confirmed cases in the past 24 hours, bringing the death toll to 38,406 and the total caseload to 739,503.

BRAZIL: Brazil’s Iguazu National Park, which contains the famous Iguazu Waterfall and was closed March 18 due to the coronavirus pandemic, will reopen on Wednesday with protective restrictions and limited numbers of visitors being allowed in.

HONDURAS: The United Nations Population Fund says that the number of complaints of male-on-female domestic violence has risen “significantly” during the coronavirus pandemic, exceeding 40,000 complaints so far this year, with almost 10,000 attacks being reported in April alone.

COLOMBIA: Colombian health authorities on Tuesday reported a record daily Covid-19 fatality count of 64 along with 1,359 newly confirmed coronavirus cases, bringing the caseload to 42,078 and the death toll to 1,372.

COLOMBIA: The Colombian city of Medellin is taking the lead in the fight against Covid-19 and moving firmly toward reopening its economy by presenting a pilot plan to reopen restaurants and to begin a “citizen responsibility phase.” Colombia’s second-largest city has been a model for controlling the spread of the virus using technology, a situation that had led local authorities to allow different sectors to resume their activities.

PERU: Peru on Tuesday reported 203,736 total confirmed coronavirus cases so far during the pandemic, of whom 5,738 people have died. In the past 24 hours, 4,040 new cases were detected with more than half of those cases in Lima, with its 10 million residents.

MEXICO: The Pan American Health Organization said Tuesday that Mexico is approaching the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in terms of newly detected cases and deaths, warning the government and the public not to lower their guard as the caseload stands at more than 120,000 along with 14,053 deaths.


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