Daily COVID-19 pandemic roundup: May 5

Miami Desk, May 5 (efe-epa).- Here’s a roundup of stories around the world related to the novel coronavirus pandemic:

BRAZIL: Brazil reported 600 Covid-19 deaths over the past 24 hours on Tuesday, bringing the total number of fatalities from the pandemic so far to 7,921. This is the first time that the daily death toll from Covid-19 has hit the 600-level, reflecting a continuing worsening in the health crisis in South America’s largest country. A total of 114,715 confirmed coronavirus cases have been detected in Brazil so far, 6,935 more than on Monday.

EL SALVADOR: Confirmed Covid-19 cases rose by 5.7 percent to 555 in El Salvador on Tuesday, of whom the majority of the infected people are asymptomatic, according to official figures. The death toll so far stands at 13.

COSTA RICA: The Costa Rica Health Ministry on Tuesday reported that it isolated a temporary detention center for illegal migrants after detecting 14 cases of Covid-19 there. Health Minister Daniel Salas said that the first two cases were detected at the center in central Heredia province on May 2 but on Tuesday 12 more were confirmed. Since March 6, 755 confirmed coronavirus cases have been detected in Costa Rica, and six people have died.

NICARAGUA: At least two prisoners have died in Nicaragua’s largest prison, La Modelo, and fears are mounting among dozens of “political prisoners” being held there over their risk of becoming infected with Covid-19 while incarcerated, opposition members reported Tuesday.

MEXICO: At least four universities in Mexico have joined forces with the Mexican government to conduct diagnostic testing and help contain the spread of the coronavirus in this country, where 24,905 confirmed cases have already been detected and 2,271 people have died.

PERU: Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Tuesday defended the nationwide quarantine he ordered 51 days ago, saying that it had prevented the dire scenario of the number of Covid-19 deaths from skyrocketing to 460,000 over a seven-month period. Although 1,444 people have died from the coronavirus so far here, this figure – Vizcarra said – is far below the initial death toll projection made by an independent scientific investigation two months ago.

ARGENTINA: The Supreme Court in Argentina’s Buenos Aires province on Tuesday set aside the ruling allowing a massive number of inmates to be released from prison to serve their terms under house arrest as a measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus within the country’s prisons.

CHILE: Chilean health authorities on Tuesday registered 1,317 newly confirmed coronavirus cases and expressed considerable concern over the growing number of infected persons in Santiago, where 85 percent of the cases have been located so far. So far, 22,016 confirmed cases have been detected in Chile and 275 people have died. At least 11,031 of those cases are “active,” but 10,710 people are deemed to have “recovered” from their bout with Covid-19.

COLOMBIA: Colombia confirmed 640 coronavirus cases within the past 24 hours on Tuesday, a new daily record, bringing the total caseload so far to 8,613, while 378 people have died.

URUGUAY: The Uruguayan government on Tuesday announced the launching of additional health safety measures and the strengthening of controls on its border with Brazil, both as means to prevent Covid-19 infections from spreading to towns that so far have seen no cases. The new measures are designed, Uruguayan authorities said, to provide additional safety guarantees in cities considered to be “binational,” that is urban areas with heavy traffic from Brazil, where the virus is running rampant.


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