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Daughter of kidnapped Paraguayan ex-Vice President demands answers after 3 years

Asunción, Sept 8 (EFE).- Beatriz Denis, daughter of Óscar Denis, former Paraguayan vice president (2012-2013), said on Friday that on the eve of the third anniversary of his kidnapping by the guerrilla group Paraguayan Popular Army (EPP), the family still has no substantial information about his condition or whereabouts.

“Unfortunately, tomorrow is the third anniversary of my father’s kidnapping, of not having him with us, of his absence, of missing him so much,” she told ABC Cardinal Radio.

Denis was kidnapped in September 2020 outside his ranch in the department of Concepción, in northeastern Paraguay, bordering Brazil.

The EPP is a far-left Marxist group based in Concepción that emerged in the 1990s, advocates for agrarian reform, and finances itself mainly through extortionate kidnappings and the illegal sale of marijuana produced in the area. Some 70 civilian, police, and military deaths have been attributed to the group.

On September 2, representatives of the new Paraguayan government, which took office on August 15, met with the Denis family and the families of two other kidnapping victims.

The new government is from the same Colorado Party that has ruled Paraguay for 71 years.

The meeting took place at the home of Denis’ daughters. It was attended by Defense Minister Óscar González, Interior Minister Enrique Riera “and other military and police authorities,” according to the Defense Ministry’s account on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

Also present were the relatives of police officer Edelio Morínigo, who was kidnapped by the EPP in 2014, and cattle rancher Félix Urbieta, who was kidnapped in 2016 by members of the Mariscal López Army, a splinter group of the EPP guerrilla.

Minister Riera said that during the meeting, the government agreed to take five concrete actions, including having a drone to monitor 24 hours a day the places where the kidnappers are believed to be, as reported by the ABC newspaper.

Likewise, the government committed to searching the forest in places where the family suspects they may be located to bring the state closer to indigenous communities and vulnerable populations in the area and to provide more assistance to prosecutors in the investigation. EFE


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