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David Guetta to put on New Year’s Eve show from Paris’ Louvre

Paris, Dec 30 (efe-epa).- French electronic music composer and DJ David Guetta will offer an online concert broadcast from the Louvre Pyramid on the lead up to New Year’s Eve in what is the third instalment of his United At Home, which aims to raise money and “bring happiness” to people during the pandemic, he told Efe in an interview.

“I’m from Paris, so it is very special for me to do a concert here, at the most famous museum in the world. It was a great success in America, but to do it in the city where I was born is very special,” he told Efe ahead of the concert, which will also include a light show at the Pyramid, designed by architect Ieoh Ming Pei.

It will be Guetta’s third United At Home concert, following shows in Miami and New York. He aims to raise money for organizations campaigning against the impact of Covid-19 — on this occasion Unicef and Resto du Coeur, a French charity that distributes food to homeless people.

Viewers will also be given the option to donate to the Louvre Museum, which has gone from welcoming 10 million visitors a year to having to close its doors amid the pandemic.

Guetta’s concert in Miami raised more than $700,000.

“It is not only something to raise money to help people, but it is also to make people happy,” said the DJ, renowned for hits such as When Love Takes Over.

He added that another objective was to help his fans during the tough times of the pandemic, in which the public needs “more culture and entertainment to forget and have a good time.”

“It has been difficult for me, too, because what I do is share with people, to be on stage and see their reaction when I play new music, but I thought it was important to be here for my fans in these difficult moments,” he said.

Despite everything, Guetta sees himself as a positive person and believes 2021 will be “a crazy party like never before in our lives.”

“I can’t wait to go out to a party,” he said. “Nothing compares to a real show.”

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