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Delacroix’s passion for nature on display in Paris museum

Paris, Mar 16 (EFE).- Eugène Delacroix’s passion for nature and landscapes was often overshadowed by his renowned depictions of historic events but a new exhibition at the Paris museum dedicated to the French artist (1798-1863) contemplates those works and delves into their creation process.

The Delacroix and Nature exhibition opened Wednesday at the Eugène Delacroix museum, installed in the painter’s last apartment and studio.

“Like many artists of that generation, the romantics, he has a particular feeling towards nature,” the museum director, Claire Bessède, told Efe.

“He liked to walk, draw animals and make landscape paintings, but, paradoxically, those walks that he writes so much about in his notebooks appear very little in his works,” she added.

The exhibition covers everything from his early works to final compositions such as “La mer vue des hauteurs de Dieppe” and “Étude de deux tigres” (1831).

The collection is on display until June 27. EFE


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