Democrats accuse Trump of failing to report foreign govt gifts

Washington, Mar 17 (EFE).- Swords from the Saudi government or gold golf clubs from Japan are among the gifts from foreign governments former United States President Donald Trump and his family received and did not report during his tenure, Democratic lawmakers said Friday.

In a report released Friday, Democratic congressmen on the House Oversight and Accountability Committee accuse the former president of failing to report more than 100 gifts he received from foreign governments, valued at about $291,000.

Among the unreported gifts are golf clubs, including a gold one, given by the late former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, valued at more than $7,000, a $24,000 dagger from Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman and a marble figure of the Taj Mahal, valued at $4,600, from former Indian President Ram Nath Kovind.

Two of these gifts, including a gold golf club and a large-scale portrait of Trump given by the government of El Salvador, have not been located by federal authorities, the report added.

The Democratic chairman of the oversight committee, Jamie Raskin, said the report shows a “blatant disregard of the law by the Trump administration.”

Lawmakers “are committed to determining the whereabouts of these lost gifts, as well as whether they may have been used to influence the president’s handling of foreign policy,” Raskin said in a statement.

Among his findings, the report by congressional Democrats found Trump failed to report 17 gifts given by the government of Saudi Arabia, with an estimated total value of nearly $50,000.

US law prohibits the president and government officials from keeping gifts they received in the course of their duties and requires them to report gifts valued at more than $415. EFE


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