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Denmark lifts border controls imposed after Quran burning controversy

Copenhagen, Aug 23 (EFE).- Denmark on Wednesday lifted the heightened border controls it had imposed earlier this month due to increased security concerns arising from a series of Quran burning incidents in the country in recent months.

Denmark’s National Police in a statement said it has cancelled the temporarily tightened border controls based on a recommendation by the country’s Security and Intelligence Service (PET).

“PET has informed the National Police that the current security situation in Denmark is not deemed to require the maintenance of the temporarily tightened border efforts beyond 22 August,” it said.

“The police and PET are closely monitoring the current security situation, and if the situation requires it, we are ready to take necessary actions to protect the security of the country,” the law enforcement agency added.

According to the statement, from August 23, there will be no longer border controls in place with Sweden and Norway while the random checks at the border with Germany will continue in the format that existed until August 3.

Denmark imposed border controls on August 3 after anti-Islam protestors burned and desecrated several copies of the holy book of Islam in both Denmark and Sweden over the past few months. These actions sparked widespread anger among Muslims around the world.

Besides sparking large-scale protests in Yemen and Iraq — where the Swedish embassy was set ablaze — several governments of Muslim-majority countries warned that allowing the burning of Quran could jeopardize diplomatic ties.

Following the reactions from the Muslim world, both Nordic countries are mulling the possibility of banning Quran-burning protests and gatherings within their respective territories, despite facing criticism from opposition parties. EFE


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