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Digital art collective to open Tokyo museum with more than 50 works

Tokyo, Feb 5 (EFE).- Japanese digital art collective teamLab will open a new museum Friday in Tokyo and will display more than 50 interrelated works, some unpublished and others from an old site.

The new “teamLab Borderless” will replace the previous museum in Odaiba and aims to be a space without limits created through works that “wander, explore and discover,” as they move between rooms, mix between them and interact with visitors.

Founder Toshiyuki Inoko said in a recent interview with EFE that what they hope for from the new museum is for the public to “live an experience they have never had before and feel things they have never felt before.”

The museum’s new additions are “Bubble Universe,” “Microcosmoses: Wobbling Lights,” “Light Vortex” and “Megalith Crystal,” four works independent of the rest.

“Bubble Universe” consists of a room of mirrors with numerous spheres hanging from the ceiling that, depending on the movement of the spectators, project light transmitted from one to another, a structure similar to that of “Microcosmoses: Wobbling Lights.” The difference is that the balls follow a circuit and light up in individual cycles in the latter.

“Light Vortex” features transitions of lights that bounce off a mirror and are reflected asymmetrically; while “Megalith Crystal” uses darkness to explore life and death.

Another of the featured works in the exposition is “In Tea House,” a room with hardly any light where visitors can have a cup of tea from which flowers sprout.

Water centers four works that are projected in a room with a waterfall that starts on the ceiling and reaches a hill that attendees can climb. Rivers fill space and avoid people, who can affect their courses, stopping them or creating whirlpools.

Attendees play an important role in the new museum and are not mere spectators: butterflies emerge from their bodies, frogs exchange glances with them, and flowers that change depending on the time of year appear when they touch the walls.

The figures that star in the works walk through the corridors that connect them and the works converge and mix with each other to give the sensation that the space has no limits. EFE


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