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Digitization, an opportunity for education to be more inclusive

Barcelona, Spain, May 17 (EFE).- The digital age is an opportunity for education to reinvent itself into a sustainable and inclusive tool, participants at the UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022 in Barcelona agreed on Tuesday.

Globally, 262 million children, adolescents and youth aged 6 to 17 years are out of schools and 6 out of 10 are not acquiring basic literacy and numeracy skills, UNESCO’s Assistant Director General for Education, Stefania Giannini, said.

Giannini said that technology became an innovative tool for education to continue during the Covid-19 pandemic, with technology companies developing new solutions to bridge the digital gap.

Officials from Chinese multinational technology Huawei, who organized the conference in Barcelona, praised the importance of public-private collaboration in the challenge of digital transformation in education.

With digitization changing “absolutely everything”, the Spanish government is developing initiatives to ensure that the digital transformation in education is “inclusive,” Undersecretary for Universities, Markus González, said.

González added that a large part of the Next Generation EU fund, a recovery package to support member states impacted by Covid-19, has been dedicated to the digitization of university education and promoting digital talent. EFE

(This information is part of a series supported by Huawei. Efe’s editorial content is independent of Huawei’s positions.)


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