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Dua Lipa enchants Colombian capital

Bogotá, Sep 18 (EFE).- British singer Dua Lipa enchanted Colombians with her charm, music and moves on a cold night in the capital, Bogotá, on Sunday.

Fans dressed in colorful attire lined up early at the Salitre Mágico park, where a stage was set up for the concert.

The hour-and-a-half-long show began with the singer’s band appearing on the screens amid applause and screams from the audience.

Then Dua Lipa entered and kicked things off with “Physical.”

When the first notes of “New Rules” began, the artist jumped on the catwalk for the first time and dazzled the audience with her moves.

Her dancers also stole the spotlight, especially during “Love Again” when two of them came out on roller skates and danced on stage.

“I love you very much,” Dua Lipa told the crowd in fluent Spanish. “I am very grateful and excited to be here. Thank you for your energy, for your love, for your support.”

Another highlight of the night was when the singer dedicated her song, “Good in Bed,” a song that the artist usually dedicates to one of her fans. On this occasion, she chose a girl who raised a sign in which she asked for the dedication.

When she began to sing her hit with Elton John, “Cold Heart,” images of him were projected on the screens and the audience sang along to the chorus with her.

“Levitating” and “Don’t Start Now” brought down the curtain on the glittering evening in the Colombian capital. EFE


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