ECDC: Benefits of Covid-19 vaccination in teenagers ‘limited’

Brussels, Jun 1 (EFE).- The European Center for Disease Control on Tuesday said that the benefits of vaccinating teenagers against the coronavirus are “limited” compared to adults.

An ECDC report issued on Tuesday recommended that the health situation for older people be analyzed before administering jabs to the 12-18 age group.

The report came four days after the European Medicine Agency recommended the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in teenagers between 12 and 15 years, as they face the same side effects as adults. The European Commission adopted the policy Monday.

“Equity issues concerning vaccine availability and access need to be carefully considered when deciding on the expansion of COVID-19 vaccination to groups with lower individual risk of severe disease,” the ECDC said.

The ECDC recommended that governments prioritize the vaccination of teenagers who suffer from health issues, as any other age group.

It also called for the spread of the coronavirus variants to be monitored among teenagers. EFE


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